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Receive Books

ABC Book Club are here to help schools and organisations in South East London, North Kent and Medway.

How can we help?

ABC Book Club can help provide a wider variety of books and help encourage young children to develop a love for reading.

All ABC projects are bespoke and tailored to suit the needs of each individual school. Our primary focus is the donation and reuse of pre-loved children’s books but where possible, we also help to create inspiring, calm and creative reading spaces to cater for all pupils.


Is your school in desperate need of a library?

This is exactly the kind of investment that we need more of. The help that it will give young people should not be underestimated."

Does your library need a new lease of life?

Are the pupils bored of the same old books?


Are the books in your school library past their best?

This is going to make a massive difference to the children. If we can instill a love of reading in them now, it’s going to have an impact on their whole lives."


Is your school library an uninviting place to come and read?


Need our help?

If your school is in need of resources, or could benefit from a wider range of reading material, please contact us using the form below to see how we can help.
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Latest projects

Woolwich SE18
Cardwell Primary
Cardwell Primary was crying out for a whole school library to support the pupils’ love of reading.
Bromley BR1
La Fontaine
La Fontaine in Bromley built a unique reading hut in their playground called The Tiger Den
Sevenoaks, TN13
Riverhead Reading Retreat
A collaborative project between ABC and the school to build a Reading Retreat for its pupils.