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Lifecycle of an ABC book

Ever wondered what happens to the books when they are donated to ABC Book Club?
Step 1.

When you donate a book... one of our 40+ drop-off locations, our team arrange for them to be collected and delivered to our sorting office in Bromley.
Step 2.

At the sorting office...

...our team inspect every book to ensure each and every one is in brilliant condition, has appropriate content and is suitable for children aged 3-11.
Step 3.

Any unsuitable books...

…that don’t meet our content criteria (factual inaccuracies, inappropriate themes for our target age group or contain attitudes or wording considered unacceptable in today’s society) or are so badly damaged they are unlikely to find a home are either pulped and repurposed or re-distributed to suitable outlets.
Step 4.

The final sort...

...the remaining books are then categorised into three age groups so that we can easily supply appropriate books for each project. This also allows us to ensure each school receives a selection of books for all reading abilities and interests.
Step 5.

The result...

The incredible pre-loved books are then donated to local primary schools and organisations to be enjoyed by hundreds of children again and again!

Full circle

The books we donate to schools are often enjoyed for many years, but we encourage those given to individuals to be re-donated to ABC Book Club, once finished, so that they can be re-homed and enjoyed all over again.