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St Thomas More Primary School

Eltham coffee hotspot Taste had been acting as an ABC Book Club drop off point for just a few weeks when local Headteacher Laura popped in to grab her caffeine fix. Laura’s school, St Thomas More on Appleton Road, had a neglected library-come-storage space with many of their books out of date and undesirable.

Taste owner, Kate, was delighted to introduce Laura to ABC, and within just a few days, the team had visited St Thomas More and hatched a plan.

Armed with a plethora of ideas from the school council, and support from the senior leadership team, ABC set to work. Enlisting the help of award-winning film and television prop and set builder, Dave Blacker, and a multitude of other local companies, the team created a magical and inspiring space for children from reception through to year 6 to enjoy. The once chaotic and dated room was gutted, redesigned and transformed into a park and nature themed haven and the brand new library, housing over 2,500 pre-loved books, was launched at the end of April.

Acorn Book Club is delighted to have been able to help this worthy local primary school and have no doubt the pupils will enjoy and be inspired by their library for years to come.

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“ABC Book Club have been a dream to work with, since the moment I met the team everything has been seamless. We have been able to work together, collaborate, they listened to our ideas and our vision has really come to light”
Mrs L Collins
Head Teacher - St Thomas More Catholic Primary School

Partners on this project...

Vanessa, London Dreamtime

ABC's first choice when it comes to entertaining children. It was the same on this project and Vanessa didn't dissappoint.

Olivbells Creations

A well renowned film and TV set design company. When we shared our vision for the design with them they were only too pleased to help.

Taste Coffee Shop

Where it all began. Kate enabled the community links that introduced ABC to St Thomas More school and the rest, as they say, is history.

Tales on Moon Lane, Herne Hill

An independent bookshop owned by the lovely Kathlyn. ABC's go-to shop to source diverse & inclusive literature for school library projects.

Need our help?

Are you directly involved with a school or local organisation that could benefit from a supply of children’s books?

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