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Lyndhurst Primary School

ABC Book Club’s latest project at Lyndhurst School in Camberwell is it’s most ambitious and exciting yet.

The South London primary school first made contact with ABC in early 2020 when they asked for a donation of books to help restock their uninspiring library. Language Coordinator, Lydia Baldwin, had been desperate to revamp the school library space for years but despite her best efforts, restrictive funding and lack of spare time meant the room was left unused and primarily as a dumping ground.

Following a visit to the school, ABC’s project team began collaborative design work with Lydia and other key members of staff to create a bespoke library space that would prove to be beneficial to all children within the school with a focus on those with special educational needs.

The launch on 23rd September 2021 showcased individual sessions by local storyteller Vanessa Woolf and showcased the finished library space to delighted pupils and teachers alike.

Lydia said

“We could never have imagined 18 months ago that the library would ever look like this. It’s been such a rewarding and collaborative process and the impact made by ABC Book Club is absolutely invaluable.”

In addition to the vast amount of books donated by ABC via the local public, a selection of hand-picked books focussing on the diversity of the community were purchased from new. ‘I can’t stress how important it is that our pupils see themselves represented within the books in their library’ said Amber Harwood, Literacy Lead. ‘This combination of books is perfect and will no doubt encourage a love of reading across the entire school.’

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“Working with ABC Book Club has been absolutely brilliant. Rather than just giving us money, ABC really worked closely with our school to involve us in the process, so we could really take pride in the end result.”
Maureen Bennett
Deputy Head Teacher, Lyndhurst Primary School
“This is going to make a massive difference to the children. If we can instil a love of reading in children now, it's going to have an impact on their whole lives. The knowledge and experience they immerse themselves in will be a gateway to their future.”
Jola Nowakowska
Co-Head Teacher, Lyndhurst Primary School
“As well as books donated by the public, Acorn Book Club donated a great range of diverse, beautiful books which we feel represent and celebrate our whole school community.​”
Amber Harwood
Literacy Lead, Lyndhurst Primary School
“ABC Book Club are fantastic collaborators who really get how finding the right book can change a child's life. They were truly committed to working with us to create a beautiful library that is just right for our children.”
Lydia Baldwin
English Support Teacher, Lyndhurst Primary School

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