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Henwick Primary School

This project was sparked by Henwick Primary School’s desire to provide a whole school library for its pupils and the enormous amount of fundraising they had done to make their dreams a reality. Following a meeting with the team from ABC, it was clear that this hardworking school and its community wanted something a bit different and needed our help to make it happen.

The design was dreamed up by the school council who had a long wish list of requests for their library. These included (amongst others!) a yellow sun, a big tree to sit under, a hammock, leaves hanging down, animals to cuddle and a rack to make the space a shoe free zone. Imaginations firing, ABC set to work designing and creating the vision. ABC also commissioned Olivbells owner Dave Blacker – who has collaborated on other ABC projects - to make an enormous tree which quickly became the standout feature of the room.

John Payne estate agents in Blackheath Village and Standard promoted the project to generate book donations from the general public, and Eltham College held a brilliantly successful book drive amongst its school community.  

Using the financial contributions of the school and donations of diverse and inclusive books purchased using money from other children’s literacy charities, ABC was able to turn what was once an uninspiring room used to store boxes in into a magical tropical oasis for the children to enjoy reading for pleasure.

On a sunny day in November 2022 the library was unveiled to an excited audience of children, SLT, PTA and governors, and local author, and lead of Creative Writing at Eltham College, Tom Mitchell cut the ribbon.

Everyone was delighted with the results and the children wasted no time getting stuck into reading in their brand new library.

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“It is hard to sum up just how wonderful Jo and the ABC Book Club team are. We have our dream school library now and it would not exist without them! As well as supporting this project financially by matching our fundraising (and more!), Jo also project managed the entire thing. The final result is just phenomenal. It is more than just library - we have an immersive space! I cannot say enough good things about this organisation. Thank you, thank you, thank you."
Claire Lotriet
Headteacher, Henwick Primary School

Partners on this project...

Olivbells Creations

A well renowned film and TV set design company. When we shared our vision for the design with them they were only too pleased to help.

Need our help?

Are you directly involved with a school or local organisation that could benefit from a supply of children’s books?

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