Jo Chandler portrait on blue background
Jo Chandler
Operations Manager
April 5, 2024

It's been a while!

Well there's no excuse really - except that we've been really busy...

Big changes for ABC!

I'm excited to report on the first major change to the charity since I joined. We've had a rebrand and a name change and now Acorn Book Club has become ABC Book Club.

Despite these changes, everything mostly stays the same. ABC is still very much supported by The Acorn Group and its owners Leaders Roman Group, and we are ever grateful to them as they enable our impactful charity to grow and flourish.

The future for the charity looks increasingly bright as we not only continue with our work in local schools - donating 1000s of books every month and building beautiful libraries at an increasing rate - but also that we take on different partnerships and forge new relationships in the local community.

The need for ABC and the recognition of what we do is becoming increasingly apparent and I can't wait along with the charity's trustees to steer ABC through the next phase of growth.

Thanks for reading, for regular updates on the charity make sure you check back again soon.
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